The ART Properties GmbH stands for new quality in Europe-wide investments.

ART Properties GmbH is a trusted advisor and a reliable Partner. We offer a wide range of professional advisory and related high quality services for the German and Austrian real estate market. Our customers expect extensive service in all real estate transactions Commercial and residential real-estate such as commercial, office, storage and production areas, Lands, Hotel properties, apartment buildings, apartments and other real estate.

We are focused on services to investors from Azerbaijan, Turkey and Russia specializing in investing their capital in the German real estate market.

We accompany our customers already before the decision for a real estate project and provide support services including management once the transaction has been completed. Our extensive range of Real estate acquisition services give us a clear competitive advantage.

We vouch for qualified customer support from the initial consultation to the successful conclusion of a transaction and beyond. We support our clients with our advisory service and the preparation of the documents required for the transaction in Germany or Austria as needed. In addition, we are responsible for the professional management of Trusteeship for commercial real estate and other properties acquired in Europe.

The ART Real Estate Group offers expert services in the following areas:

Property search and valuation

Design of investment structures

Registration of legal persons (SPV)

Financial advice and mediation

Tax Advice (Consulting)

Economic and administrative advice

Optimization of project and financial planning, property management as well as the administration of business assets in Germany and Austria.

We manage all matters relating to your property, for example:

Tenant search and lease

Timely adjustment of rents and utilities

Utility costs

Monitoring of rental payments including dunning

Assistance in legal and tax matters

Building Inspection: Assessment of refurbishment work required, we prepare everything transparently for your investment decision before and supervise the work


In the long term, a property only makes a profit if it is structurally well. That it remains top condition and that management keeps a keen eye on the local rental market. Only local experts can decide on this basis, e.g. If the market allows a rent increase, as vacancies can be avoided or whether a sale is advised.

For your commercial real estate to remain stable, it requires knowledgeable Administration and support on site. With ART Properties, our philosophy is to offer our customers a very high level of service.

Give the management of your property trustingly into the hands of ART Properties.

Family Office

Is for the execution of the clients personal, financial and other tasks closely connected to the core business? Then trust the Family Office the ART Properties GmbH. We will find individual solutions for you, taking in to consideration your personal circumstances.

Of course, we guarantee confidentiality and absolute secrecy. Free yourself from the burden of everyday life. Put all tasks around family, fortune and their business concerns in our hands.

We gladly support you and your family in doing so, to achieve business as well as private goals.

The Family Office of the ART Real Estate Group offers complete comfort. It protects your monetary interests, your family and help you to secure your wealth over generations.

Services of the Family Office:

qualified help in obtaining a residence permit, a settlement permit as well as in the case of business immigration and naturalization

Health and property insurance

Child and adult education

Medical services

Organization of business and tourist trips as well as family holidays in Germany and Austria

Personnel selection and management

Assistance in buying cars, antiques, jewelry, luxury goods and more

Planning and organizing leisure and family celebrations in Germany and Austria

Order tickets for cultural and sporting events

Flight and train ticket booking, transfer to the airport a.o.

Protection and safety

We advise you in relation to your dream property

We acquire the property in consideration with your interests

We take care of the preparation of all necessary documents

We handle the purchase for you

We optimize the rental conditions

We manage the real estate for you


The ART Properties GmbH stands for German quality and reliability and guarantees the success, confidentiality and security of your business.

We offer our clients the opportunity to sell their assets in commercial real estate (retail, hotel real estate, apartment buildings, logistics and other special real estate) in the economically strongest regions of Germany and Austria on favorable conditions with high and long-term earning capacity.

Are you interested, or do you have questions? Then contact us easily.