Housing and Student Apartment Investments

Investing in houses is a safe, lucrative, and extremely flexible investment.

The volume of housing projects has reached approximately 14 billion euros in 2017. This is a 4 percent increase on the previous year.

In the field of housing investments, 114.000 houses have changed owners, and reached its highest value of the last ten years.

In both metropolises and other towns, housing investment is a steady investment on the one hand with an increasing rental potential due to the increasing number of households. For many investors it is not only a safe but also a long-term investment. In 2018, housing investments will also be among the most preferred investments for most investors.

Especially micro apartments

The apartments are compact, functional, furnished and centrally located.

The number of single rooms is continually increasing. The number of single-person residences in Germany is 16.5 million and that’s more than 40 percent of all households in Germany. According to statistical data, this number is forecasted to rise to 80 percent by 2030.

In addition to the increasing number of university students increasing, doctors, managers and young scientists are looking for apartments that are modern, flexible and affordable. The qualitative micro apartments also offer commuters, which make up to 60% of employees in Germany, an attractive place to stay.

The highly need for micro apartments with a usage area of 20 to 40 square meters is in demand in German metropolises and offers new opportunities for investors.

Micro-apartments, which are both high quality and payable, cover a gap in the housing market. These investments, which are extremely profitable, often outperform the remaining housing market. This is because, rental income and yield are significantly higher than classic new housing.

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